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# 06, June 2015
УДК: 534.1

# 07, July 2015
УДК: 626/627

# 12, December 2014
УДК: 531.01/534.131.2

# 07, July 2014
УДК: 621.3
Dynamics of two-layer liquid divided by an elastic dividing wall with an allowance for surface tension forces (with corrections)
Engineering Education # 11, November 2013
DOI: 10.7463/1113.0619258
Dynamics of an ideal incompressible fluid filling a cylindrical vessel divided by an elastic membrane with an allowance for surface tension forces was investigated in this work. Boundary conditions for surface tension at the wetting angle of 90 degrees were formulated; normal oscillations were determined. The Bubnov-Galerkin method was used to obtain an approximate frequency equation in an axially symmetric case (plane problem). Dependence of the natural frequency of oscillations on the Bond number which characterises the strength of gravity was analysed. A critical value of the natural oscillation frequency was also determined.

# 04, April 2013
УДК: 531.01/534.112
77-30569/362856 Axisymmetric oscillations of dual-density liquid in the cylindrical tank
Engineering Education # 04, April 2012
This article considers a model problem for a funded system of capillary suction device of a spacecraft fuel tank. Two fluids undergoing a joint motion with a flexible membrane are considered. Axisymmetric vibrations of the system, dynamic and kinematic conditions impact on the membrane, irrotational fluid motion are explored. The author introduced the velocity potential of fluid, for which the Laplace equation can be written. The Laplace equation was solved by Fourier method. The dynamic boundary conditions for a membrane were obtained by the characteristic equation for natural frequencies of the vibration of joint fluids and membrane. The dynamic characteristics of the oscillatory system were defined by their dependence on the geometric parameters of the tank.
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