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Engineering Bulletin # 10, October 2016
УДК: 628.262
Influence of impeller blades’ shape on the head of a centrifugal pump
Engineering Bulletin # 01, January 2016
УДК: 62-137

Engineering Bulletin # 10, October 2015
УДК: 62-137
The Importance of Computational Modeling of Large Pumping Stations
Machines and Plants: Design and Exploiting # 04, August 2015
DOI: 10.7463/aplts.0415.0812368
pp. 53-75

Engineering Bulletin # 12, December 2014
УДК: 62-137

# 11, November 2013
УДК: 62-137

# 02, February 2013
УДК: 62-137
Determining the impact of basic geometric parameters drain pump NM 10000-210 on its performance
Engineering Education # 08, August 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0812.0445666
 The paper describes the choice of main criteria for assessing the quality of building a drainage pump NM10000-210. The aim of selection of the main criteria is correct assessment of optimization of building drainage through simulation program STAR CCM +. According to simulation results values ​​of evaluation criteria for 20 sample points were obtained. Further, after analyzing the simulation results and geometric parameters the authors defined ranges of changed geometrical parameters for which the quality criteria of profiling have the lowest / highest values. They suggest choosing the settings jointly by two criteria of quality assessment, while the determining criterion is minimization of friction losses.
Numerical simulation of flow parts of pump models and verification of simulation results by comparison of obtained values with experimental data.
Engineering Education # 05, May 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0512.0356070
The paper deals with the methodology and results of CFD simulation of the oil pump NM2500-230 model. The dependences of the pump head and shaft torque on the pump flow were obtained by way of simulation. The results of numerical simulation were compared with experimental results subject to balance tests. Graphic illustrations of fluid flow in the flow part of the pump elements in different operation modes of the pump are presented in the article. The authors analyzed the error in the numerical experiment.
77-30569/354657 Creating parameterized 3D-models of the flow part in centrifugal pumps
Engineering Education # 04, April 2012
The article describes a new method of automated building parameterized 3D-models of centrifugal pumps. The purpose of modeling is to provide source data for optimization of air-gas channels in type HM pumps by hydrodynamic simulation methods. The first element to be optimised was a volute pump. The algorithm for constructing 3D-models of the discharge device is based on the Bezier curves. Basing on the basic geometrical parameters of the drain, the proposed method allows to automatically create its geometry in the most popular graphics packages SolidWorks and CATIA, and to export the package simulation STAR CCM +.
77-30569/347727 Optimization of geometric parameters of NM oil pump volute
Engineering Education # 03, March 2012
In this paper the authors describe a technique of multi-criteria optimization of geometrical parameters of a retractor in the main NM oil pump. The optimization is based on the LP-tau search method; the test points are analyzed by the technique of numerical simulation of fluid flow inside the volute. An example of optimization of the volute of the NM3600-230 pump is presented. Minimization of head loss in the retractor and minimization of the radial load on the pump rotor were taken as optimization criteria. The variant of the flow part, which differed from the original one by smaller loss of the pressure head and significantly decreased load, was obtained as the result of optimization.
77-30569/259403 Verification of modeling results in a simulation package STAR CCM + of wet part of centrifugal pump AH 50-32-200
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
The article describes the experience of the verification of CFD modeling of fluid flow in the wet part of centrifugal pump type AH. Verification was carried out by comparing the characteristics of the pump, obtained by physical experiment (normal trials) and by numerical simulation software package STAR CCM + in the entire range of capacities. A comparative analysis of theoretical and experimental data allowed to draw conclusions about the adequacy of mathematical models of flow used in numerical simulation. The discrepancy between the experimental data and calculations for the curve H-Q is not exceeded 6% (theoretically calculated head is somewhat higher), which can be attributed to some deviation of the real form of the wet part of the 3D-model, in particular, due to defects in the impeller and the volute.
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