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Engineering Bulletin # 11, November 2013
77-30569/308732 Fuzzy interpolation
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
The general provisions of the fuzzy interpolation were considered for the case when the values of the grid functions were defined as fuzzy numbers. Attention was paid to Newton's interpolation, where fuzzy power polynomial was used to reach the same goals. The existence conditions of strong, weak fuzzy Newtonian interpolation and its absence were given. Examples were given for the case when the power polynomial was the first-degree polynomial used for fuzzy interpolation of two fuzzy numbers. Spline interpolation is usually used to eliminate the edge effect at the end of the specified period. So the task of obtaining spline from fuzzy data and analysis of this data for the type of spline (strong, weak or lack of a fuzzy spline) is very important.
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