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Asymptotic Law of the Falling Liquid Film Form in Partial Wetting
Engineering Education # 11, November 2015
DOI: 10.7463/1115.0817461
pp. 276-291
77-30569/339499 Numerical analysis of non-conservative acoustic systems for working process initialization devices in high-enthalpy flow generators
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
The development of non-electric systems of multiple ignition for gas generating devices of rocket and space technologies is a pressing task. One of the promising systems is a gas dynamic system of ignition allowing to implement the progressive technology of “automatic launch”. The authors carried our simulation of local heating of a working body in an acoustic resonator with the help of solving the Navier-Stokes equation system. The results of the development of a resonant system of working process initialization in the high-enthalpy flow generator and preparation for carrying out experimental research of the modeling gas dynamics igniter sample are presented in this work.
77-30569/299736 The results of research and development of low-temperature, fast-burning, gas-generating fuels for systems moving elements of actuators.
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
The results of thermodynamic, ballistic, physic-mathematical surveys of low-temperature, gas-generating, fast-burning fuels (LGFF) characteristics. These fuels are pyrotechnic type based on nitroguanidine, ammonium perchlorate and methenamine, proposed for systems to move elements of actuators (SMEA), in particular, for gas generators (GG), for systems to open-close the underwater missiles’ steering devices (SOCSD). There are strict requirements for reaction time of these devices; it leads to the necessity of LGFF with high burning rate usage. Twenty chemical combinations were considered as modifiers to increase the burning rate. Based on obtained characteristics for different kinds of modifiers, high efficiency LGFF was created. The fuel was tested in GG and SOCSD. The results of those tests completely meet the requirements.
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