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77-30569/297102 Collation of mechanoluminiscence features in the crystals of ZnS and (Ba, Sr)Al2O4
Engineering Education # 01, January 2012
The physical phenomenon of "mechanoluminescence" was the subject of study conducted by groups of researchers from different countries. Despite the information about the processes in zinc sulfide and strontium and barium aluminates, the comparison of ways for their further use in the instrument was not carried out. This article was devoted to this comparison. There was a description of the process in the groups of mechanoluminescence compounds, marked above. Comparison of physical characteristics of processes was described in this article. Despite the similarity of the cause (mechanical action), that provides the glow the physical mechanism could vary greatly depending on the type of chemical compound. In the article the propositions about future research, aimed at finding the best ways of usage and applications of the mechanoluminescence, were made.
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