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77-30569/254666 Research of methods for compensation of phase incursion in radar with inverse aperture synthesis when monitoring a moving target
Engineering Education # 11, November 2011
Principles of creating the distance-azimuthal radar pictures of targets in radars with inverse aperture synthesis, based on classic spectral analysis. Algorithm for localizing data processing when monitoring aircraft moving along the straight-line trajectory was developed. The results of distance-azimuthal radar picture simulation based on facet model and point model were presented in the article.
77-30569/254289 Mathematical model of multiposition radar system’s channel of distribution
Engineering Education # 11, November 2011
Development of mathematical model of multiposition radar system's channel of distribution was described in the article. The probing radio-signal propagation, their scattering at different objects, such as targets and clutter and reflection from underlying surface were taken in the account. The first results of multiposition radar system with meter-wave band simulation were included in this article.
77-30569/255100 The development of algoritm for decision-making process quality estimation when using heterogeneous information sources simultaneously.
Engineering Education # 01, January 2012
The new method of estimation of the decision-making process based on usage of heterogeneous information sources is proposed in this article. The results of mathematical simulation of this method are analyzed.
77-30569/254905 Development of software for effecency simulation of technical solutions, used in radars.
Engineering Education # 03, March 2012
The article describes development of multipurpose software package for computer simulation which allows to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of any technical solution used in radars. The authors consider a structural scheme of the developed software and its components and describe the results of a simple simulation.
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