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77-30569/253626 Control of the pulse envelope form in the transmitting radar device
Engineering Education # 11, November 2011
This article is devoted to the method for increasing of radar energy efficiency at the expense of using the pulse envelope with non-rectangle form. Construction schemes of solid-state pulse transmitting radar devices were presented; they provide forming of  pulse envelope with non-rectangle form, keeping high energy efficiency. The aspects of thermal conditions and the problems of output cascade reliability were considered. The analysis of energy saved during the radar operation with different types of radio signals was presented.
77-30569/253870 Maximum possible unit power when designing transmitting module of solid-state ASEA
Engineering Education # 11, November 2011
Approach to the design of solid-state transmitting devices with high unti power, based on continuous optimization of transmission path’s units in order to achieve the maximum possible mass-dimensional attributes, was considered in this article.Ability to increas pulse power from one semicondactor device was demonstrated. The results of experimental research of very high frequency amplifiers were presented.
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