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Air quality inside automobile passenger compartments
Engineering Bulletin # 02, February 2016
УДК: 62-1/-9
The article deals with the problem of air pollution in the passenger car compartment, the consequences of this problem and the necessary steps on the way of its solving. Special attention is devoted to the modern methods and devices for air purification and their disadvantages. A list of proposed criteria for the safety assessment of air purification systems and recommendations for their improvement is presented. Summarized data from foreign and Russian publications about concentrations of the priority hazardous substances measured in the air of car compartments is arranged in several tables. Based on analysis following conclusions were made: firstly, air pollution above the roadway and inside compartments of modern cars is many times higher than the background air pollution in cities and can significantly exceed hygienic standards; secondly, it is necessary to develop a set of national standards for an integrated solution of the air pollution inside the car.
Engineering Bulletin # 04, April 2012
77-30569/228694 Analysis of the problem of developing vehicles for northern climate
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
 The paper gives an analysis of the problem of developing vehicles for northern climate. The article gives an overview and analysis of selected publications, prospectuses of companies, websites of companies - manufacturers of vehicles with low-pressure tires. The article describes a series of standard size vehicles with low-pressure and superlow-pressure tires both of domestic and foreign production (U.S., Canada, Belarus). The paper provides examples and describes basic models of vehicles of standard size series. The authors draw conclusions on the issue of developing vehicles with low-pressure and superlow pressute tires in the northern climate.
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