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Thermally isolated cells in designs of transducers of physical quantities made by an electrostatic anodic bonding of semi-conductor and dielectric elements
Engineering Education # 12, December 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0113.0517471
The authors consider the main method of creating thermally isolated structures of sensors of physical quantities made according to MEMS technologies, that is electrostatic anodic bonding. It was shown that the main reason for a small percentage of production of suitable thermally isolated structures manufactured by a method of electrostatic anodic bonding is unevenness of physical and chemical properties across the whole surface of semi-conductor and corresponding glass plates. The authors propose improvement of the anodic bonding method; designs for adaptations were developed for implementing this improvement. The proposed designs were manufactured and probed. Results confirming the possibility of increase in percentage of production of suitable thermally isolated structures of sensors of physical quantities with the use of the method of electrostatic anodic bonding were obtained.

# 10, October 2012
УДК: 00

# 10, October 2012
УДК: 004
Thermal compensation of the measuring channel of the pressure sensor on the basis of semi-conductor integrated transducers
Engineering Education # 11, November 2012
DOI: 10.7463/1112.0482504
 Approaches to the problem of temperature compensation of measuring errors of the channel in pressure sensor for spacecraft operating under severe conditions were considered. It was shown that, for correction and, consequently, for temperature compensation of the pressure sensor output two different methods could be used. The first one is ancillary temperature measurements, the second one is ancillary measurements of reference signals. Technical solutions for creating  thermally isolated cells and electronic circuit for temperature compensation of sensors error were developed and tested. Methods of temperature compensation of zero drift and sensitivity of piezoresistive semiconductor pressure sensors were defined. Values of the temperature error were obtained; they allowed us to put manufactured measurement channel according to GOST 22250-93 into class 0.25 accuracy. 

# 10, October 2012
УДК: 00
Researches of constructions of foreign prototypes of pressure gages
Engineering Education # 09, September 2011
Practically in all fields of manufacture pressure gages are applied. In Russia out-of-date gages of control of parameters of the technological processes developed in the eighties last century are applied. So it is necessary to start creation of microelectromechanical of gages of pressure. For the purpose of optimization of designs and manufacturing techniques domestic microelectromechanical pressure gages the researches design and technological approaches of creation of microelectromechanical pressure gages are carried out.
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