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77-30569/216895 The semianalytic trajectory calculation technique based on the generalized design parameters and the guidance program parameters. Prospects for its further usage
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
The problem of designing new terminal guidance algorithms, based on the nonlinear prognosis of the powered portion of flight of the flying vehicle, is quite relevant nowadays. In this article the semianalytic integration technique is reported. This algorithm provides the desired prognosis with a minimal computation effort. The concerned method is universal and eligible for a wide range of flying vehicles. It is based on the curve fitting of the pitch and apparent velocity programs involving standard functions. This article reveals how to obtain the numeric parameters, required for the algorithm realization, and how to transform them to the condition, suitable for the further operations. Then, the trajectory restoration process is described; it utilizes the derived analytical functions and numerical large-step integration. Besides, the article indicates how this method can be applied to various ballistic tasks.
Analysis of the telemetry from the spacecraft, "Jubilee"
Engineering Education # 08, August 2011
The article describes the problems of efficient analysis of the telemetry data coming from spacecraft. The necessity of spacecraft on-board parameters constant monitoring over a period of circuit is justified. The main difficulties of received data processing are illustrated, some variants of solutions are given. The statistic observation results of “Yubileiny (RS-30)” satellite during the 2008-2011 years, made by Bauman university Mission control center, are demonstrated. The conclusions about present-day condition of the satellite are brought forward to.
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