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Developing new criteria of efficiency for road LED luminaires
Engineering Education # 07, July 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0713.0579034
This article is important because of both wide assortment of road LED luminaires on the Russian market and a large set of their technical parameters and characteristics. New criteria of energy efficiency for road LED luminaires were elaborated and scientifically corroborated. These criteria of energy efficiency of LED luminaires allow one to prevent a wrong choice of a luminaire and to identify the most suitable model. Appropriateness of criteria introduction was confirmed by the example of choosing the most energy-efficient LED luminaires for the selected scheme of road illumination. The introduced criteria allow experts in road and street illumination to choose the most suitable luminaire from all available ones on the LED luminaire market in order to replace the incandescent luminaires for the purpose of energy-saving.

Engineering Bulletin # 11, November 2012
Study of the influence of angular aberrations of the optical-electronic coordinator lens on the quality of measuring the mutual angular misalignment of the laser beams
Engineering Education # 11, November 2012
DOI: 10.7463/1112.0479575
This article considers a self-alignment system (SAS) designed to measure the mutual angular position of laser beams while designing, operating and adjusting high-precision laser optical-electronic systems (OES). A method of measuring angular misalignment of optical axes of receiving and transmitting system channels with the use of various algorithms of digital signal processing is proposed. Measurement error is analyzed; technique for reducing this error by means of optimization of lens optical system, which is used to perform those measurements, is proposed
A dynamic interferometer for control of profiles of optical surfaces of nanometer-level
# 07, July 2012
The analysis of existing methods of quality control of optical surfaces and also proposed solutions to create a schematic of the dynamic interferometer, designed to control the quality of the surfaces of optical parts nanometer level. The proposed method allows to construct functional scheme based on electro-optic modulator.
Surface roughness measurement methods analysis and experimental study of diffusive scattering reflectometry-based method
# 06, June 2012
A review of the most promising methods for measuring the roughness of a nanometer level showed that the most promising method for measuring the standard deviation of the optical surface roughness is a method of dynamic interferometry. An experimental study of the effect of diffuse scattering on the intensity of radiation reflected in the specular direction, for surfaces with parameter Rq, equal to 5 nm, 10 nm and 50 nm. Found that diffuse scattering leads to intensity fluctuations and the contribution of this scattering in the specular reflected radiation is 0.25% for Rq = 10 nm.active media
77-30569/241632 Research of influence of radiation of the main laser on the systems of automatic adjustment of precision laser devices
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
The article considers a system of automatic adjustment of high-precision laser devices that are using a powerful mainlaser radiation. This system performs alignment of optical axes of receiving and transmitting channels with additional marker laser. Considered problems arising due to the spread of high-power infrared operating laser close to receiving channel, designed for visible light. A method for study of the influence of diffraction on parameters of radiation of the mainlaser is proposed. The technique of study of influence of thermal blooming on the parameters of radiation of the mainlaser on the basis of approximation of the thin lens is developed.
Research and development of methods of suppressing the central peak of diffraction distribution of a laser beam with a circular cross-section
Engineering Education # 09, September 2011
The article deals with design features of developing auto-alignment systems of high-precision laser complexes that are based on the use of a working laser scaled-down model - a marker of the radiator. The authors study a diffraction pattern of a laser beam distribution in the near-field region, analyze formation of the axial peak. The article covers methods of reducing its intensity to ensure stable operation of the auto-alignment channel.
System of measuring angular mismatch axis of working and adjusting laser beams on basis of diffraction grating
Engineering Education # 08, August 2011
In article consideration system of measuring mutual angular position axis of power laser beam and beam of adjusting laser on basis of diffraction grating for the challenge radiation of working channel and for opto – electronic system coordinate measuring. To introduced method of calculation diffraction grating to provided given diffraction efficiency in first diffraction maximum. Considered system challenge of two diffraction grating. To trace simulation introduced optoelectronic system in optical CAD «Zemax», showed accounting errors of installation diffraction grating and bandwidth of laser radiation on accuracy angular position of axis laser beam. To exhibited possibility registration of power laser beam with factor of bend  KОИ = 10-6…-10
The Use of Semi-realistic Methods of Modeling during Design Process of Complicated Laser and Optoelectronic Systems
Engineering Education # 02, February 2011
The paper presents an analysis of modern conceptions of semi-realistic modeling methods during the designing process, their role and application in systems projecting, especially for laser and optoelectronic systems. The role and application of semi-realistic modeling methods at the final stages of system designing during the adjustment of signal processing algorithms and experimental investigation of its characteristics in the whole effective range of external actions, and while the functional scheme is been developed, are considered.
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