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77-30569/223554 Making decisions about the choice of rational structure of the company's capital on the basis of the analytic hierarchy process
Engineering Education # 09, September 2011
The article focuses on the major factors influencing process of construction of the capital structure of the enterprise. It also shows the possibility and gives ground to the expediency of utilization of the analytic hierarchy process when choosing the rational capital structure. Finally, the article considers the stages of construction of the enterprise's capital structure management model and its test results.
The application of the stochastic approach to the analysis of industrial networks▓ income
Engineering Education # 02, February 2011
The aim of the strategic management in modern economic terms is the achievement of stable competitive advantages which are sustained and developed by collaborative interrelation of independent firms. New forms of organization, being an inevitable part of economic landscape are needed to consider such issues as control procedures, regulation rules inside the network and income aspects. In the article the attempt to study income in industrial networks is presented. It is done on the base of stochastic approach with the help of Markov chains method
The analysis of the current situation in Russian machine-tool industry comparing to the world level and existing types of international cooperation
Engineering Education # 01, January 2011
The analysis of current situation of the Russian machine-tool industry includes the dynamics of development of last years, the state of branch according to the world level, international activities, hr-policy and the prospect for future development comparing the corresponding indices of the machine-tool industry of Germany - the world leader of this industrial sector.

Engineering Education # 12, December 2010
The role of an interfirm cooperation mechanism for implementing the open innovation concept
Engineering Education # 12, December 2010
The interfirm cooperation mechanism as a basis for implementing open innovations is considered. It is shown that the technological innovations are impossible without marketing information and communication organizational innovations. The advantages and disadvantages of the open innovation concept are identified and the main conditions for its implementation are detected. The intellectual property issues appearing in the process of open innovation concept realization are discussed.

Engineering Education # 11, November 2010

Engineering Education # 10, October 2009
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