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Implementation and testing of hash functions based on the two-dimensional Ising model
Engineering Education # 02, February 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0213.0541576
The authors propose an algorithm for hashing data, basing on the increase in entropy during simulation of physical processes. The two-dimensional Ising model was selected as a system. The Ising model was studied with the use of the Metropolis algorithm. A computer experiment was carried out in order to detect collisions and determine the avalanche effect. The model’s preferred parameters such as temperature and size were identified experimentally. It was shown that the avalanche effect becomes large enough when the temperature is higher than the critical one by 28%. The dimension of the system must be chosen depending on the size of the output digest. It was also shown that the two-dimensional Ising model has sufficient mixing properties for cryptographic hash functions. The authors conducted a comparison with common algorithms MD5 and SHA-1. The developed hash algorithm is scalable, unlike traditional hash algorithms.
Testing of pseudorandom sequence generators by using the three-dimensional Ising model
Engineering Education # 09, September 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0912.0445380
The authors researched sensitivity of the Metropolis algorithm for the three-dimensional Ising model to the choice of a pseudorandom sequence generator. The authors show that shortcomings of pseudorandom sequence statistical properties result in the behavior of the Ising model that differs from the one predicted by methods of theoretical physics. It is shown that the Ising model can be used for testing pseudorandom sequence generators.
Search for links in the information structures
Engineering Education # 02, February 2011
Properly built architecture significantly accelerates the deployment of information access and enables to identify different patterns. Most of the models can be represented as graphs. Arcs define some interaction or communication between nodes. In constructing the database is an important question about the relationship between the tables, then there is a reciprocal link. Two tables can not be linked directly, but to be strongly dependent on each other through intermediate tables. In this case, to accelerate access to information makes sense to add a direct link. For a sufficiently large database, this task is very important, especially if the database was designed initially not entirely, and grow in the process. Consideration of this system leads to the same model, if the vertices of the graph to take a table and set of edges will be determined by constraints. Therefore, the relevance of the article is how to find connections in intractable situations.
Increase informativity a site by means of the focused counts
Engineering Education # 11, November 2010
Speed of access to the information is defined not only throughput of communication channels, but also structure of communications. In other words the way of data storage essentially affects speed of granting of the information to the user. The quantity and architecture of communications start to play defining role at low throughput of communication lines.
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