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Study of linear aerial photosystems that are based on the photosensitive charge-transfer devices
Engineering Education # 09, September 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0913.0619654
A study of aerial photosystems that are based on the photosensitive charge-transfer devices was carried out in order to determine the linearity of their units. To estimate the linearity of photosensitive charge-transfer devices the authors used results of a specially developed technique of physical research, which is based on the construction of light characteristics and verification of the superposition principle. It was shown that a photosensitive charge-transfer device is a linear unit within a certain range of brightness. Width of this range was determined by the introduction of the notion - light latitude of a photosensitive charge-transfer device.
Analysis of factors affecting safety of flight of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Causes of accidents of UAVs and methods of preventing them
Engineering Education # 12, December 2012
DOI: 10.7463/1212.0500452
The authors analyzed characteristics of flight operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the whole phase space of expected operating conditions. They consider basic aspects of the providing trouble-free use of unmanned aerial vehicles which exclude their uncontrolled fall to the ground and the resulting unintended damage to human life, health and their property on the ground. Factors that affect safety of flight of unmanned aerial vehicles were analyzed. The authors identified the causes and consequences of an air crash and proposed methods of preventing it.
Description of complex images of ground objects in the problem of pattern recognition
Engineering Education # 11, November 2012
DOI: 10.7463/1112.0500490
The article describes principles of selecting informative features for classification of optical images of complex surface facilities. The authors justify the selection of classes of objects using ellipsoidal estimation. They developed criteria for qualitative selection of the classifier attribute vector answering questions of resistance of classes to noise impact, of compact description of classes using ellipsoids of dispersion, of an essential dimension of the feature vector. The authors propose a science-based approach to selection of informative features of the signal classifier based on the concept of entropy of information theory and ellipsoidal estimation.
Mathematical model of digital infrared remote sensing system
Engineering Education # 06, June 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0612.0423297
 A mathematical model of the digital infrared remote sensing system (IRS) of "watching" type was developed. It allows to estimate the value of IRS angular resolution depending on application conditions and its structural and technological features.
77-30569/316296 Method of selection of classification characteristics in pattern recognition problems of complex spatial objects
Engineering Education # 01, January 2012
The methodology of selecting of classifiers’ features was described in this article; these classifiers were used in processing of diffraction image of complex spatial objects. The substantiation of the separation of the object class into subclasses in terms of information theory, as well as reasonable selection of object classes with the usage of ellipsoidal estimation were given. The criteria of qualitative selection of classifier’s feature vector, answering questions about the size of teaching selection, the cardinality of the set of classes, the essential dimension of feature vector, were developed. Evidence-based approach to the selection of informative features of classifier of signals, based on the concept of entropy of information theory and ellipsoidal estimation, were proposed.
77-30569/290540 Aircraft movement prediction using a linear model identification
Engineering Education # 12, December 2011
 The authors consider a simplified linear model of aircraft pitch movement for real-time prediction to support control design. The model is derived out of the full nonlinear system of aircraft space movement. The model parameters estimates are achieved through the least square regression estimator using moving interval. Some examples of flight test data processing are also presented.
Quality evaluation of an aviation technician object on the basis of neural networks theory
Engineering Education # 10, October 2010
In the modern market relations, one of the most significant components of competitiveness of production is its quality. Various methods and tools are developed for quality assurance. It, first of all checks, control cards, diagrammes Pareto, the analysis of time numbers, korreljatsionno-regressionnyj the analysis etc. However all of them, first, have private character, secondly, do not allow to apply the same approach to an estimation of quality of various production and especially to high technology production. In article on the basis of the theory of neural networks the technique an estimation of quality of the sample of aviation technics at a stage of developmental works that will allow to eliminate lacks specified above methods is offered.
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