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Developing the New Construction of the Planetary Roller Screws with Flexible Nut
Engineering Education # 02, February 2011
The article is dedicated to the development of  the new construction for the planetary roller screws with flexible nut. The deformation of nut gives the possibility to compensate the gaps between the details’ thread. The newly-presented feature of the construction is the installation of two collets between nut and the assembly frame. Each collet transforms axial force into redial force to press the nut.
Nutless roller screws
Engineering Education # 10, October 2010
    Further adoption of the prospective roller screws is complicated because of the difficulties one can find in the process of its production. The most complicated part of a roller screw is its nut’s high-precise threading. This complication gave birth to the idea of the whole subclass of roller screws – the nutless ones. The article represents the two general designs of nutless roller screws and its analysis. Being compared to the common screws, the nutless ones proved to have a number of shortcomings and a number of advantages at the same time. That is why one can easily find some applications for the newly-invented nutless roller screws. The absence of nuts makes the technology of production much more quick, easy and cheap, and thus gives an opportunity to start production in Russia. After the successful adoption of the nutless roller screws, Russian machine-building plants will easily continue with the common ones
On the Modification of the Threading in the Details of the Planetary Roller Screws
Engineering Education # 07, July 2010
In latest time planetary screw drive mechanisms to avoid edge contact mating thread turns their details have modified the thread on rollers. Profile revolutions shaped rollers are made, performed along the arc of a circle. Most of the details after the production exposed process ofbreaking-in , which changes its initial profile. On the profile loop of roller’s thread  is formed straight section approximately in the middle, the starting and ending points are the points of the initial contact of mating thread turns. A similar profile loop of roller’s thread  formed in process of exploitation  by reason by deterioration. This article describes the mechanisms of the new, proposed modification of the thread of their parts. They differ from the known simplification of manufacturing technology, increased load capacity and axial stiffness, which remained stable throughout the resource.
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